marko damiš *92 works professionally at the intersection of creative technologies, the market, and art. with extensive experiences in the fields of strategic communication, design, and development, as a creator and entrepreneur, he cooperates with organisations from various sectors in the design of business and communication processes, graphic interfaces, corporate identities and brands, books, exhibitions ... most noticeably his work is seen as independent practice of design and development of websites and applications.

selected projects

  • architecture research
    2020 and ongoing

    client: faculty of architecture, university of ljubljana

    project type: book design, web design, development

    about the project: ar / architecture research is a peer-reviewed scholarly journal published yearly by the university of ljubljana faculty of architecture. it's editions are both printed and published online (with free access) and included in the scopus database.

    md's contribution: took over the design of printed journal editions in 2020. design & development of the new online journal and the whole website. cooperation on the structure of the editing/publishing process and development of an app (with help of paged.js) for designing, layouting and exporting print-ready versions of the book from the website. this project is designed in collaboration with martin košir and it received brumen recognition for excellent design.

  • mind projections

    client: dalea kovačec

    project type: art research, artwork

    about the project: mind projections is an art research project and an interactive intermedia installation by the artist dalea kovačec. users enter the artwork wearing eeg device and watch a video narrative of life from being born to death. the accompanying sound asks the user about life and eeg data manipulates and completely transforms the video user is watching.

    md's contribution: conceptual co-author with the artist dalea kovačec, design and development of eeg generative video system, admin interface for user experience, help with setup concept and execution.

  • the future of living 2022

    client: eunic, burssels

    project type: graphic design, visual identity, web design, art direction

    about the project: the future of living is an ongoing conversation, a live conference and a creative challenge addressing the future of artificial intelligence in our living environment, cities, communities, and culture.

    md's contribution: full scope of design and development needed for the conference – including an artistic reflection on this year's working topic of ai generators: a collaborative platform where users generate images with ai and publish them for all other visitors of the website. scope included: identity design, website design/development, artistic reflection, generative design, collaborative platform development. miha frangež helped with development.

  • plaza protocol
    2020, 2022

    client: projekt atol

    project type: web design, development, ux, gamification

    about the project: plaza protocol operates as a fictitious entity that is plotting new scenarios for and from an unfinished construction site of an underground shopping mall on the outskirts of ljubljana. on the web it serves as an online exhibition space with a particular twists in navigation, interaction and artworks/essays viewing.

    md's contribution: conceptualising the gamified/web experience of an exhibition (getting lost in a shopping mall), development of the app/website, web design and animations, information structure. curator/lead of the project: tjaša pogačar, visual identity: jaka neon

  • v.s.s.d. ± alen ožbolt: introspective

    client: modern gallery, ljubljana

    project type: exhibition design, graphic design, visual identity, web design

    about the project: a retrospective exhibition of v.s.s.d. & alen ožbolt in modern gallery, ljubljana in february 2020. the frist space of the exhibition included a 30 meter time-line view of the artists careers. for the project the first online/website monograph in slovenia was produced.

    md's contribution: exhibition design, visual identity, communications design, design and development of an online monograph including about 2000 reproductions, administrative/editorial interface design and development for archiving.